Houston day 9

The day went like this.  Up and on the bus, first destination with nary a hitch. Did my thing , got on second bus to another location. The second location being a job interview.  Small hiccup on finding the building ,then the office.  That snafu was remedied by the meeting of a young god who works at the office I was interviewing at.  This guy looked like if   Michelangelo’s  Jesus and a husky had a baby that wasn’t an abomination . Almost hallucinatory good looks, perfectly tanned skin, long Jesus hair and clear blue husky eyes that seemed gradient to a lighter clear grey.  In board shorts and tank, he painted a perfect picture of what I was not.  In my fancy going to meeting dress, and heels. 
The interview went well, and while I have yet to hear from them I was pleased with the experience.  But seriously they should hire me. 
Now for the fun. All done I head for home.  I take the first bus with no problem. My feet began to hurt from the shoes that just were not equal to the terrain. I get to the second bus and wait.  Now this is a 45 minute walk but my feet were killing me so I waited.  One hour,  waited, two hours waited…. 3 god damn hours.  And finally I said enough.  I kicked off my heels and began walking.  Within that 45 minute walk I was passed by not 1 ,not 3 butt 5 fucking buses!  Yes, I was quite royally spongebobbed by the transit system.

1. Love : Texas accents ; sexy and slow. 
1. Hate: the metro ; I’m sorry but you get a second round in the hate category after the three hour wait.
2. Love : the sky; the clouds lately look painted on. 
2. Hate: No one talks to in my


little barrio I’m alone.  I am learning Spanish, wonder if that will help.


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