Alone again … naturally

This is something that I have never had to deal with . I am less than 24 hours from living completely alone for the first time in my entire life. Not alone , without a mate. Not alone with family near . Alone. No one but me . Only my infinitely scary and wonderful brain to feed on . I feel so strange about this . About not having someone that I must tend to or care for except me . No family. No friends . No lover . Just me .

I had my son so young that going away to school was out of the question , I have never not been in a relationship for more than a few months , I have always had something to distract , distress , detain and entertain me . I have had others to deal with , to worry over , to love , to rage at , to rage to  and to generally get wrapped up in so that my own life was always a back  burner issue . Living on simmer. This will be my first time to be living on boil, full rolling boil that requires my own attentions be paid.

I am worried . I am scared . I am elated . I am excited. I feel guilty . I feel free…

I …


2 thoughts on “Alone again … naturally

  1. Enjoy every minute for you may never experience it again. You discover a new you when being alone. cherish this time.

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