Words get in the way…


Words…some of my favorite things. Words make stories, make friends, make wars. Words change things everyday.
Today I was confronted with words…one person used two words very nonchalantly , and both upset me greatly. The first word was depressed. She called me depressed. I took offense to that for myself and those who are truly depressed alike. I was stressed…my last week has been stress upon stress.  I was sad.my children are now all away from me. I was tired, having slept very little due to being in a totally new environment but depressed…alas no. Depression is a lingering thing. It often has no cause.  It lasts longer than it should.  Ie…you broke up 6 months ago after dating the weeks and can’t get over him, crying and carrying on…depressed.
I don’t like that word being flung around. It weakens the word.
The other is obese. I hate that word. Because often it takes only the number into consideration. I was a one hundred eighty pound size 6 at 5 7…I was considered overweight bordering on obese.. I was a size 6. Today I am about 20 lbs beyond that , and working to get back there but I wish they would take body composition into account. My fat percentage is not in the category of obese. I’m only a size 12. Throwing around the word obese can’t be good for ones self image.
Now on the other side of that someone called me a nigger today. Someone thought that the word nigger would A.Shock me or B. hurt me.  How wrong they were. Now you look at me and if obese hurt your fragile ego why not the dreaded n word? Because I identify with obese. I have been what I would consider obese. I’ve had a stomach our distancing my breasts. Then, yes, obese. Now, no, overweight, overfat but not obese.
Nigger , well that is just a stupid person mean word. I call a person by a name like that, be it chink, spic, you name it we gotta derogatory word for it ethnically, you’ve lost the argument and you know it.  Your hitting below the belt and hoping the refs back is turned. You’re witless, I can only pity the witless. In this case I laughed at him, I also told him he was ordinary.  Which he was. And ordinary is just that. Nothing special at all. 
He also called me a Bitch,btw, but I can take Bitch. Some of my best friends are Bitches.


Oh you know you have SOMETHING you want to say!

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