[365 Toy Project: 050/365] The Humans Are Dead

[365 Toy Project: 050/365] The Humans Are Dead (Photo credit: nhussein)

Does it ever bother you that people have lost their way? I am not getting into political semantics or talking about the gays, I am not looking at the economy and who is to blame for what. I am talking about a more close to the ground, close to home thing.


Simple things…


Do you say goodbye anymore? Or do you just say, “ok, I’ll see you there,” end.


Do you smile at strangers? Say hello when you see someone? Say thank you; excuse me, and your welcome? So many people don’t and I blame Steve Jobs. Ok , Steve Jobs is dead and he was only one man to boot so that’s really not fair but I do blame cell phones and the whole hurry up , hurry up way we live some times. There are times, at the end of the day, I am so exhausted but for the life of me I cannot remember what I did with my day. There are days that I lose, whole days. There are times when I fall asleep and if you told me I was sleep for 10 minutes after 5 hours I would believe you. I literally feel like I just closed my eyes.


The cellphones and computers are to blame, a little. The email and text messages are to blame, a little. The constant connection with no need of connection is to blame, more than a little but the true culprit is we.


You and I have lost our way. We have friends that we never meet.  Ever have a face book friend try to call you? It will freak you the fuck out… Hey, you are a picture of a kitten doing a handstand and 10 to 15 memes a week; YOU do NOT try to change our relationship!


The problem is that at some point we have to walk into the real world and try … TRY … to be human beings again. We need to interact with more than the computer , more than the colleagues at work , more than the people that know us because, as much as we love our machines , and we do , if we do not stay humans they will rise up against us and enslave us . Watch the Matrix again. Or the original terminator.


So what do we do, well, first we finish reading this blog (like, comment, follow?)  Then we go out and DO something. Join a club. There are so many geek clubs in this world and they are just looking for you. Chess, Star Trek, Brie Stoll fan club (ok that doesn’t exist but if someone starts one day I will show up!), but you get the picture. Try to say hi. Just Hi can brighten up a person’s day.


I am learning to engage the world, I can turn the world on with a smile and all that Mary Tyler Moore crap. I am learning to do the day and let the day do me. I am learning to be a different type of friend. And like most converts, I think you should come with me.




Oh you know you have SOMETHING you want to say!

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