Something Stupid

Powerball States as of January 31, 2010

Powerball States as of January 31, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There is, in all of us, a fool. Someone that is gullible and guileless. Someone that is naive and foolish. Usually about all the things that we want the most, Love, money, fame, passion … food. This fool lives in us all and our job is to figure out what triggers this part of us and to try, try our hardest, to keep that fool on a leash.


My fool is about people. I want to be a part of the world with people but I have no capacity to read and understand the ugly parts of people .Now I do have a sense of preservation and fear of pain, so I am not talking about I do things like go home with strangers or pick up hitchhikers but I do tend to want to believe the best in everyone. I am guilty of reckless trust. I have lent money to people I barely know , I right now have a library book that I lent to a virtual stranger , and there have been numerous times that I have met strangers for coffee, lunch and movies that I met online . I’m not fearless, as one of my friends believes; I am simply working with reckless trust.


Now, this is the interesting part, I have rarely been burned by this trust. I have had two people not pay me back but the amounts were minimal and while they believed they were getting over I, paraphrase of Sonny from a Bronx Tale, spent 10.00 to never have to talk to them again.  This was a bargain in my humble opinion. I have never had someone not return something they borrowed. I have never been abducted or attacked on my lunches.  I have had one guy think he was going to get his Mack on after a lunch but I shut that down pretty quickly. The dude used a groupon for the lunch too… I mean I think that made sense if you knew it was a platonic thing but if you thought you were getting laid why wouldn’t you try to be impressive? Ok… enough of that.  All and all I think that my particular fool is pretty helpful. I believe that being slightly overzealous about something in life is probably a good thing. I mean be safe; my sweet fools fall in love with that guy at your office but don’t stalk him. Eat that piece of cake, its 700 calories but if you do it once a month your body should be able to bounce back … walk to the bakery or something to earn it.  Try your get rich quick schemes, maybe one a year and put a cap on how much YOU spend to get rich. 99.00 a year seem fair to try to make a dream come true. I probably spend that in Powerball tickets. And so do you … don’t act like you don’t!


All I am saying is that sometimes we need to be fools, sometimes we need to believe in what everyone is telling us won’t work. Sometimes we just need to believe that someone has to win so why not me. Because someone does win the Powerball, someone does meet the love of their life off, someone does all these things every day. So why NOT you?





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