, I want to be Katherine Heigl, actual Katherine Heigl, but in movie Katherine Heigl. I want to be quirky and adorable. I want to be slightly misunderstood, but still lovable in my way. I want to go after the wrong guy, the guy that looks good on paper, but it’s also the wrong for me. I want to find that the bad boy quote unquote that I have a tentative if somewhat flirtatious friendship with is in fact the one.

I don’t think I will ever be Katherine Heigl, movie Katherine Heigl, I think I’d be real Katherine Heigl. making terrible decision one after the other making people who want to love you hate you.

I say all that to say the following; can you pull a grand gesture without looking like a psychopath. You can if you’re Katherine Heigl, movies Katherine Heigl, or Sandra Bullock or Meg Ryan circa 1995. the rest of us No.