, I want to be Katherine Heigl, actual Katherine Heigl, but in movie Katherine Heigl. I want to be quirky and adorable. I want to be slightly misunderstood, but still lovable in my way. I want to go after the wrong guy, the guy that looks good on paper, but it’s also the wrong for me. I want to find that the bad boy quote unquote that I have a tentative if somewhat flirtatious friendship with is in fact the one.

I don’t think I will ever be Katherine Heigl, movie Katherine Heigl, I think I’d be real Katherine Heigl. making terrible decision one after the other making people who want to love you hate you.

I say all that to say the following; can you pull a grand gesture without looking like a psychopath. You can if you’re Katherine Heigl, movies Katherine Heigl, or Sandra Bullock or Meg Ryan circa 1995. the rest of us No.

Oh you know you have SOMETHING you want to say!

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