The weight of the world

English: A man handcuffed to a bed and blindfolded

English: A man handcuffed to a bed and blindfolded (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey (Photo credit: ellebnere)

I do not want to sound like a hater, I hate that I might but someone please tell me what the hell is so appealing about 50 shades of Grey? The book is written in the worst style, it twists the subject matter out of perspective and I have YET to talk to one person who is actually into BDSM or Dom/sub that like this book. So tell me who the audience is ?

That adorable little rant is just an into , I want to do the right thing, I want to be proud of my writing but when 50 shades inspires everything from movie to musicals I start to wonder. Is it better to be artistic or successful? Should you try for the nobility of real writing or should you play to the path of least resistance ?



houston (Photo credit: araza123)

Its a fundamental truths here in Houston that pedestrians and get no respect. Houston seems to regard the very act of walking as an  affront  to their way of life here. When you are like myself, carless, you have to be wary of the others, careless. Today I was nearly ran over not one not twice but three times. None of the people that v nearly ran me over even try to slow down.
They seem to regard to the fact that I was in the road as proof that I was lacking in normal human rights. Like the countless animals that I pass then have been folded spindled and mutilated by oncoming traffic, I too was at the mercy the Houston driver. The level of disrespect that Houston pedestrian receive can be summed up this way, when I got the crosswalk the driver of the black Ford F 150 screamed on the window at me to get out of the road. I, and all walkers, have the right of way. And just for the record, even if I was in the wrong, which I wasn’t, you don’t have the right to kill me because I’m in your way.