Don’t stand so close to me

One of the most disgusting parts of life, I think we can all agree, is going to the bathroom. The number 1 source of tmi and just generally nothing You want to share with most… all…people.
So I have to ask myself,why so many people choose to break the laws of etiquette and occupy the middle stall. The middle stall, the desperation stop as it should be known , the stall between 2 unoccupied stalls. When you come into a bathroom and there’s no 1 else in the bathroom your first job is to choose one of the farthest stalls. Your jobs when you coming to the bathroom and that is 1 person in the bathroom, is to choose the stall furthest from that person! 
On 3 separate occasions this past week I have been in the bathroom, and someone chose to get into the stall directly next to me. It was just me then they came and broke bathroom etiquette. I’m not trying to rant about this but seriously, why?

Oh you know you have SOMETHING you want to say!

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