My week is going to be dedicated to the flash fiction genre. I have been having some issues lately with my ability to write fiction. My story well is a bit rusty. I can write, I have words but the pump is not very well primed. I find the idea of stoking my fire with a fresh 300- 1000 word story exciting and unbelievably scary. The subject matter will be varied.

This is my attempt to gear my mind up for the task that of getting down the business of writing as a business.  I have not been doing much writing in the fiction realm for the last year or two, I have been more into wring prose and nonfiction, a lot of things like my writing here, observational semi-humor. I want to give rise and texture to the characters that are in my head. I have a few reasons for wanting to do them now. Not the least is my own age, as I get older everything seems to be slipping away. The other thing is that there are some people in this world that I want to read my work. People that I want to see it, to critique it, and hopefully love it.

I am also open to Suggestions, requests and ideas.


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F me pumps

Beautiful eyes and jet black hair, the sound of the high heels hit the street with the mild, slight Click. Delicate and feminine that sound, the man looks across the street and smiles. Lovely, he thinks, and wishes he was young again. Hips concealed in pink fabric , tight , taut and intimate , cupping  firm buttock and lovely curves.  Onward with the sounds of click , click , soft lovely and sensuous . The sound of dreams, click, and click, swish and click. down the road , ahead the door opens and inside , to the bedroom.

The sound barely audible in the hushed silence of the room, on carpet now, still the slight click of heels. Hard bottoms, cheap but not unlovely the shoes that were favorite and slowly unclothing the body. Looking down and feeling all the sexy, sensual beauty brought by the heels. Behind the door, a voice, that calls, “James, is that you sweetie?” his mother asks

Yes, Ma, it’s me “

“That is so strange I could have sworn I heard heels,” and he hears her move away from the door.