Just for Fun :Oxford Dictionary Declares ‘Selfie’ The Word Of 2013

you and I are living through history. We are living in the time that has produced the most new words in the dictionary in almost 100 years. We have added words like D’oh , Bootylisious, and Google to the actual dictionary . This year is no different.

We have added “twerk” Thank you Youtube/Miley Cyrus and Refollow  but also wonderful words like flexitarian, a nonsense word that basically just means you don’t eat red meat , and the winner of this years word of the year “selfie” which probably means that the ultra-hip people that thought us the word will quickly abandon it for something like “frontie” or “headshot” . Last years winner omnishambles is a much more useless word and much much more fun!




Year Of The Selfie: Oxford Dictionary Declares ‘Selfie’ The Word Of 2013 | Elite Daily.

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