There is no  denying that Amazon is a Giants and A major balloon to readers and writers alike. There has been question regarding whether Amazon exclusivity and this is for some of the books, especially self published books, is a positive or a negative for the riders themselves. Now with the advent of a new service that allows members to download and read unlimited books during their membership there is further questions. The service, Kindle unlimited, is marketed of course towards the Kindle and other eReader users.
As with most things Amazon there is an up and down side to the service. The opportunity to show up in Kindle unlimited search as a new author promises opportunity for new readers. How exactly that works so far as royalties and book fees go I am Not sure, at this time I have not delve into that part of the process. But if you are one who does art for art’s sake it might be worth it to you simply because you would open up your readership. Now, downside Amazon does excess to have book exclusivity for your book. Meaning you will need to only go through the Amazon website for your eBook sales. So my question is; are we intelligent a further monopoly on a conglomerate giant? Sometimes it feels like the world is trying to turn itself into for corporation why we know it everyone will work for either Walmart, Google, Amazon,Apple or Facebook. That is the 4th one merge into one giant super corporation and take over the world. Continue reading

Creating the world

When writing fantasy is it better to create a world completely out of your imagination or to alter the world that we have. That is the question, I think, that is paramount when writing fantasy. There are great stories that do both. There are those stories that never completely Express one way or another if we’re looking at a different planet or I own distopian future, books like The Hunger Games or Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman with the long walk. Both stories talking about places that could be part of our world but slightly skewed. In the long walk its pretty evident that we are looking at the East Coast of the United States. But there are certain things that add question , such as when it would be or under what circumstances.
Then of course there are stories where we are clearly looking at worlds that do not resemble our own in the slightest. Robert Heinlein,and JRR Tolkien just to name two very successful fantasy writers they created their own world. Looking at that my question is which is better. They each have their merits for instance using our own world means that you can simply alter things as you need them to be without having 2 keep things in mind as you design geography. For instance you don’t have to worry about talking about in area in book 1 and expressing that it is near the ocean only to forget and talk about it being near the desert in book 3. You know where Las Vegas is, and the only way Las Vegas is going to be near an ocean is if California falls into the sea. On the other hand, there is a certain amount of joy in creation with making an entire planet in your head. Think of it on a smaller scale with Dr Seuss, the Seuss world is full of unlikely animals and geography, things like the evidently humanoid though clearly not human who race. Things like truffula trees and Brown Bearaloots. The Seuss world is full of fantastical beauty and unlikely dangers. These are all brought from the mind of Theodore Geisel and in most cases share very little with the world at large and my belief is that it is part because of this that his stories and his creations have last. So I suppose what I’m saying in a maddeningly vague way that answers nothing, each writer must decide for her or himself what make their story the right story. Continue reading

Plotting along

15000 words and my daily goals with the camp have me at a spot where I’ve never been before.  I have a beginning,  and an ending but I don’t have a middle!  So, I am working on plotting the story. I have always been a pantser,  but that’s gotten me into the glorious place of being a frustrated writer,  so I’m reading the “rock your writing”  series by romance writer Cathy Yardley. 
I have been also using  scrivener, which is a very useful tool. 

NaNo writing camp July

So, I have decided to do a in an Nanowrimo camp for the month of July. It is all about word count. Hopefully it will also involve at least some degree of decent content as well. So far I have added to my novel tentatively titled

the water rushing over me

an additional six thousand words since July the first. Of course a good deal of those words will be altered, axe, or simply deleted. But that’s true of any first draft.  As anyone who has read my blog knows my major issue is follow through and content. So to have a novel that has twelve thousand words so far is a major accomplishment for me and giving myself the permission not too critique and worry over the word themselves  at this point it’s kind of a major breakthrough. Because I have begun to understand that part of my problem is wanting perfection which is quite dangerous for a chronic procrastinator like myself. Allowing myself to simply write and write and not rewrite is both challenging and liberating. The goal of course is the end of the month is to have a first draft completed. With a twelve thousand word beginning at this point I know that I can do this by the end. 
Next month of course will be a great deal editing rewording and changing but again that is to be expected with any first draft.