NaNo writing camp July

So, I have decided to do a in an Nanowrimo camp for the month of July. It is all about word count. Hopefully it will also involve at least some degree of decent content as well. So far I have added to my novel tentatively titled

the water rushing over me

an additional six thousand words since July the first. Of course a good deal of those words will be altered, axe, or simply deleted. But that’s true of any first draft.  As anyone who has read my blog knows my major issue is follow through and content. So to have a novel that has twelve thousand words so far is a major accomplishment for me and giving myself the permission not too critique and worry over the word themselves  at this point it’s kind of a major breakthrough. Because I have begun to understand that part of my problem is wanting perfection which is quite dangerous for a chronic procrastinator like myself. Allowing myself to simply write and write and not rewrite is both challenging and liberating. The goal of course is the end of the month is to have a first draft completed. With a twelve thousand word beginning at this point I know that I can do this by the end. 
Next month of course will be a great deal editing rewording and changing but again that is to be expected with any first draft.

Oh you know you have SOMETHING you want to say!

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