There is no  denying that Amazon is a Giants and A major balloon to readers and writers alike. There has been question regarding whether Amazon exclusivity and this is for some of the books, especially self published books, is a positive or a negative for the riders themselves. Now with the advent of a new service that allows members to download and read unlimited books during their membership there is further questions. The service, Kindle unlimited, is marketed of course towards the Kindle and other eReader users.
As with most things Amazon there is an up and down side to the service. The opportunity to show up in Kindle unlimited search as a new author promises opportunity for new readers. How exactly that works so far as royalties and book fees go I am Not sure, at this time I have not delve into that part of the process. But if you are one who does art for art’s sake it might be worth it to you simply because you would open up your readership. Now, downside Amazon does excess to have book exclusivity for your book. Meaning you will need to only go through the Amazon website for your eBook sales. So my question is; are we intelligent a further monopoly on a conglomerate giant? Sometimes it feels like the world is trying to turn itself into for corporation why we know it everyone will work for either Walmart, Google, Amazon,Apple or Facebook. That is the 4th one merge into one giant super corporation and take over the world.

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