Books on writing

There are books that I have been reading lately,  these are not about pleasure reading but the reading for the craft.  Oh… Did I say that,  yes,  I said the craft. 
I know that many people hate that,  see it as pompous or self indulgent.  It is a craft,  like anything else that you make,  and like anything that you make with your hands or your head,  or can also be art but first it is craft. 
I have just completed my first novel,  it is Sci fi and I am very excited about it.  Not because I think it’s amazing,  I don’t know if I do yet,  but because I managed to actually finish it.  The books that helped me with completing it are:
1. On Writing by Stephen King
This book is about the basics of writing,  the words,  the reasons and it’s also entertainment. 
2. Rock your writing series by Cathy Yardley.
A great nuts and bolts series to help with plotting and revisions. 
3.  1500 per hour by N. P. Martin.
Another good book for what ever junk is stopping your words. 
These books helped me to stop dickering and just do the damn thing.  I am grateful for the push and the kick in the pants. 

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