Plotting the Future

There is a school of thought that states that writing from a plot is somehow less. Some writers, Stephen King among them, feel that writing an outline or starting from a plot somehow diminishes the writing itself. And that may be true, for some people. I have always considered myself a pincer one of these people that sits down in front of the paper, the computer, the word processor, or the typewriter (I may not be young), and makes magic. The problem with all this amazing magic making often times it Peters into nothing. There are times when the story is going very well in the world is allowing me to write and then the world steps back in I am taking away from my writing and the next time I come back, I feel as if I have no idea what I was going for no idea where I was heading and basically like I’ve wasted 12 hours of my life writing nothing.
While I do believe and love the pure act of writing, sitting down and just allowing my mind to create whatever comes to mind that is not always a viable option for a novelist. If you are trying to create a whole world, for instance, it is often difficult to keep those things moving if you come to the page naked every day. I have adopted a new way of writing and honestly, this is working for me, but again writing is very personal. While I do love the Stephen King nonfiction book on writing, there are several places where Mr King and I disagree. Or just have a parting of the ways I should say. King clearly is a pantser, someone that believes in writing down everything in their mind and cleaning it up later. I love that. I love when I can do that. And so far as the writing gitself goes,I mostly do that. In other words I don’t plot sentences, but sequences and scenarios for me require a little bit of plotting. If I want to finish a book a story A work of any kind to endpoint.
For those of us who do believe in or need to plot there are some wonderful books and software that I would like to mention today. Your first draft in 30 days. I recently required this book during the latest NaNoWriMo and found it wonderful. Scribner, this writing software is a staple of the screenwriters, novelist, and writers of all types.
AAlso, Iwould like to mention something for those plotters that need a little pantsing. I also use write or die. For those that don’t know write or Die is a software package that helps to encourage speed and also if you’re like me and sometimes find it difficult not to revise your words while wwriting, whichoften also knocks you off of your muse, this is a great little mind saver.

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