My favorite thing that I do in life , and yes this is including all the things that can be in the world, is to find that moment in the mind and write something that touches me. I am one of my ideal readers. I don’t know what Stephen King would say about that , he did frown on the idea that your ideal reader would be dead but what if the person that you would want to love your writing is in fact , you ?

Let me say this quickly , I don’t care what good ole Steve actually would think about this , I love him but I also know that his process and my process are totally different things and despite his process being very very profitable for him I think that if I tried to do the same , I would never write another word. That having been said I wanted to say this because there is that moment of time when you write something and you realize that if this was written by someone that was not you , you as a reader would still love it , not like it or enjoy it but love , love love it .

When I find that moment , that moment when I connect with the story and  I stop worrying about if I have enough details , if my dialogue is taking over the story, If I am doing to much “telling ” and not enough “showing” and just write a passage or paragraph that makes me laugh or cry or get angry and then when I read , and re-read and re-re-read it  I would get that moment of “hello” again .

Oh you know you have SOMETHING you want to say!

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