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Twin Desires is romantic suspense that intertwines a web of murder, deceit, and intrigue. All spurred by desire, which creates:

Greed Twin Desires, romantic suspense





All of these emotions lead to a desire for good, or for bad.

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Sign your name

What’s in a name? this query posted by William Shakespeare is still a question today. I think about this often since my writing name and my given name are not the same. professionally I have embraced the moniker of brie stoll but where does that leave Libra Stoll.
A further question that I think needs answering is there a need to make my professional name matter of public record ie legally. if I am known as brie stoll is it necessary that brie stoll also have a resume of her own.

First love

In the heart and the mind of a writer there is a first love ,that is that book or writer that made you love writing. It could be someone extremely famous like Stephen King , Jane Austen, probably for most of us writers, it’s someone that we read when we  were younger than the Jane Austens attract like Beverly Cleary, or RL Stine.

But somewhere  in our hearts or in our minds that  first love  holds a place that no one else will ever hold. I’d like to celebrate today first love. I’d like to think about I ever read voraciously and without any facade. I remember reading books like are you there god it’s me Margaret, or freckle juice and enjoying those books. Feeling like I was a part of something other. .I was a smart girl. I was a reader. Then I read a book called then again, maybe I won’t by Judy Blume. That made me want to be a writer, but it was the book that made me feel like my kind of writing was acceptable. Because and then again, maybe I won’t from the perspective of a 10 or 11 year old me anyway was very personal. The main character was a young boy whose father suddenly found himself wealthy and so the boy suddenly finds himself wealthy. At the same time he also finds himself going through what everybody goes through when they are on the cusp of not necessarily adulthood but the next transition between childhood and not childhood. I remember reading this book at every possible moment of the day. I remember not going outside and I grew up in the air when we went outside. I remember friends and phone calls and everything else in this book. It was definitely a first love kind of thing because all these years later I am first of all still looking fondly upon this book and almost afraid to think about the book itself too closely. I don’t want to ruin what we have together with other words. So sweetly think of that boy, his issues with his parents and his masturbatory dream and even now. Having read this book in well over 20 years I still think it’s a story, never mind the writing and I don’t remember the writing well enough to even begin to critique it, but the story at the very least which still resonate with a lot of people. So I wanted to thank Judy Blume, and all the people write the books that make a person realize the creativity is not only ok but it is something to be proud.For that I am ever grateful.

Goin’ Places

Where do you write?

I have that question in mind because lately I have not been able to write in my home at all . I feel like there is always someone lurking around the corner waiting for me to begin writing so that they can say something , do something or just interrupt me for no reason with a dancing cat video , a problem that has nothing to do with me or something else that is #trending. I , in short , live with the goddamn human equivalent to Facebook just waiting for me to attempt to be productive.

productivity-without-the-internet  So I have been finding it much easier and more work inducing to head to the local coffee house ( I am full of shit here, I wish I could tell you I was heading to a  little hipster spot in the city called “The Beans Talk” or ” Veni-Vidi-Venti” but I am talking about Starbucks . There. I am soulless. ) and there I can usually find the strength and motivation to write something . But at the end of the day I feel like this negates part of the point of being a freelance writer. I a supposed to be one of those people that get to live in pajamas and never have to shower if I don’t want to because I am one of the luck people that work from home. This is not so when you can not , if fact , work FROM home.

How do you combat this? How do I ?

I am trying some tips that I located online .

  1.  Distinguish between your work-space and domestic space.
  2. working time is for work tasks, not chores or entertainment
  3.  You still need “office hours”
  4. track my time to see how much am I really spending on working, and how many breaks am I taking.
  5.  You also still need an “office space”.
  6. Keep your work zone clean and clutter free.

There is a difference between working from home and being at home. Now … If I can get the rest of the internet to leave me alone.


My favorite thing that I do in life , and yes this is including all the things that can be in the world, is to find that moment in the mind and write something that touches me. I am one of my ideal readers. I don’t know what Stephen King would say about that , he did frown on the idea that your ideal reader would be dead but what if the person that you would want to love your writing is in fact , you ?

Let me say this quickly , I don’t care what good ole Steve actually would think about this , I love him but I also know that his process and my process are totally different things and despite his process being very very profitable for him I think that if I tried to do the same , I would never write another word. That having been said I wanted to say this because there is that moment of time when you write something and you realize that if this was written by someone that was not you , you as a reader would still love it , not like it or enjoy it but love , love love it .

When I find that moment , that moment when I connect with the story and  I stop worrying about if I have enough details , if my dialogue is taking over the story, If I am doing to much “telling ” and not enough “showing” and just write a passage or paragraph that makes me laugh or cry or get angry and then when I read , and re-read and re-re-read it  I would get that moment of “hello” again .

Where Do I Go ?

I finished my first draft and I was filled with the feeling of ” oh my… Yeah, yeah” with music and beauty floating around my head and then something happened.

All the things that I would read said the same thing. It said  let your book ruminate and give it time to become something that you can then successfully read and revise without that oh so helpful thing where your mind just adds the missing words that you meant to write , so that your words make no sense to anyone else.

This phase is all about adding and subtracting and fighting the increasing feeling that you are an idiot that wrote the worse book ever written.  That your book will make people run screaming into the streets and cry and weep and scream, they will pull out their eyes and deny the fact that they ever read anything, ever. Somehow your book will actually make other books you love less good. That authors you love will read the book and say ” No, never” to your requests to write a forward.  This is probably not going to happen. This has not happened to the various dubious novels that have been written in the world, both recent and long ago. There are people that count novels that I myself view as painfully bad among their favorites. So what are the odds that no one would read my book and at the very least say it was interesting, or entertaining? And I will not bring about the end of the world. I do not have that power.

But I do have this feeling that is completely and utterly fear-based.  I am afraid of my book. Just a little but the more that I think about what it would mean if this is terrible. The fear of what would happen if I am not a writer worth reading.  I am also thinking of what might happen if I am a writer worth reading. If I write a book that is worth the notice of people that matter, people like me that love books and reading to the point that they can invest years in the lives of people and places that never were. So I am in revisions and now I am realizing that either way fear must not be the thing that stops me. If it is, then I will be a failure of epic proportions.

So if you are having issues like mine there are a few quick and dirty tips that can help to make the experience a little less terror making .

Revision Tips

  1. Start revising as soon as you can 

Figure out what is your best timing but don’t wait too long. Often Procrastination will start pretending to be something cleaner, like reflection or research.

  1. Don’t spend ages making your first draft look pretty

This is just wasting time, include all the details you need to learn, but don’t try to produce a work of art. This is a ROUGH draft. It is just that, ROUGH.

  1. Take short breaks

— Every hour, not every 10 minutes. I enjoy using the pomodoro timers to help me myself on task.

  1. Use revision guidelines 

Cathy Yardley has great tips on her blog. I add also that you should treat the revisions just like you would treat your writing , have a plan and have a schedule on what you will finish each day .

  1. Get yourself drinks and snacks

So you don’t make excuses to stop every 10 minutes…

  1. Sit at a proper desk
  2. Don’t turn yourself into a revision zombie 

There is nothing that you can do all day every day without burning out. It’s really important that you keep time to do things you enjoy… like movies, shopping, sports, Frisbee, rock-climbing, making model planes ,porn, whatever tickles your fancy… When you’re doing these try to relax and totally forget about revision.Meat_Grinder_zombie_7265759848_1


  1. Read the book aloud when you can 

—hearing it really does help. If you can, record yourself.

  1. Find the right environment to revise

NOT in front of the TV. NOT listening to the radio. Music can sometimes be OK, but you need to find the right kind. It’s got to be something that’s just there in the background that you’re not thinking about at all. Music without singing is better as you won’t be tempted to dance around your bedroom like a big fool.

Here and There and back again , the road to revisions

I completed my first full novel draft. I am beyond happy over finishing it , I am joyous. I am less than happy over the idea of doing revisions I am , what’s the word, scared shitless. The problem is that whilst I do believe that I have the ability to write  I  fear  after having poured a few tens of thousands words into a book that I will look at in and find that it is not only no good but that it is actively awful. I mean no redeeming factors , I am going to show it to an agent or publisher and I am going to be laughed at in an ugly fashion , told that I am the worst this to happen to the written word since reality TV and banned forever from all writing groups, societies and  unions that have been or ever will be , even if I start said group, society or union.

That will most likely not happen . I mean the odds are that it will not happen. I may not make any money. I may not find the wherewithal to complete the 3 books that will complete the story but I will likely not die of anything, be shunned, be shamed or feel the need to commit anything, suicide , myself , to a weird hair color. Most likely I will simply fill in the plot holes and deadly boring spots, do a second revision for length or content and be good. I am not saying that this is my magnum opus but I think that It at the very least , ok. and brings me to the point of today.

I am a crazy sick writer person , like many of you , I write and then I rewrite and then if you let me I will rewrite and research until what I have is a 60000 word polished turd. Not that it is my plan but if you are too precious about your writing , second and third and tenth guessing every single word and phrase choice you will eventually have something that no one , including you , want to read for pleasure. writing is a very private thing, and it is very personal but if you want to make a living at it  you have to be willing to have a good enough point . your beta readers will help with that . people who have the honor of reading your first polished draft , people who like your writing , and love or at least like you and are willing to be honest about the quality of your writing whilst ( I am using whilst today) refraining from saying things like ” don’t you think the dog could be a corgi , I had a corgi when I was a kid” kind of things.

when I started writing my novel and read all the books that I could about writing and they all said ” wait” X ” time before you start revisions” and I thought , I can’t wait I have to do it now. and now I have to revisit those said same books to hear ” but don’t wait too long because ”  basically you lose your story mojo. and having done three chapters of revisions so far with the help of “Rock Your Revisions” and a few tips from other people I have managed to do the first pass , make some notes and low and behold , I am not dead and my writing while not perfect is , at the very least , okay  . and for a first novel , a solid dose of okay is , at least, okay.

Public Writing


The ritual of writing in the library has its own positive and negative things that collate with it. There is the positive of being literally surrounded by proof that what I want to do is still alive and well.  When I look up at this moment I see the books, the classics that include Tennessee Williams, Eudora Welty and Kurt Vonnegut. I see the Mystery and Sci-fi, great books, and books that stretch the definition of literature to the very edge of what it can withstand.  There is the reality aspect of writing in the library, having physical books that you can do real research on, no offense to Wikipedia, but sometimes I need to feel a substantial and in real life reference book, if for no other reason than because it helps me to get my head on right. When you research online the rest of the online world is right there tempting you to become a failed writer.

Keeping in the realm of positive there is the ability to talk to an actual person if you want, oh you know, have a conversation or just, you know remember what the people in the world look like after the isolation that is required in the land of the novelist. There is the beautiful architecture of the outside world when you are at the library in the downtown area. There is access to music and film, the free Wi-Fi, the ability to borrow a computer if you don’t have a laptop or if you just simply do not want to lug it with you everywhere in the free world. All these things are bright and beautiful but there is a dark side to the library, I wonder if Ben franklin ever foresaw these problems.

First, the homeless. This is not a anti homeless rant , I promise but they do sometime congregate in the areas with outlets and some of there have a pungency that make it just a little difficult to write , or read , or think for me.  I accept that for many of the disenfranchised the library is a place that has bathrooms, heat, water and entertainment so I put them in because I am honest. If it is particularly hot or cold in Houston, the number of homeless rise to somewhat epic proportion but there is the option of getting a private room, which does somewhat negate part of the reasons that I come out but so is life.

Two, creepers. every once in a while I will look up and find that someone is staring , staring at me in a fashion that I can only describe as CREEPY AS FUCK . I mean that unblinking, I see you seeing me staring at you and I have no intention on stopping, kind of stare that I think is just unnatural. I mean whenever in my whole life , and the years are stacking up at this point , I was caught staring at someone , even if I was unaware that I was staring my natural inclination was to look away . There is an ingrained “Oh was I being creepy” alarm that goes off when you find yourself, you know, being creepy. But not these people. They stare. And just for the record I am not speaking of the homeless, many of whom are mentally ill and should be getting help but aren’t. No I am speaking of the regular old patrons. Regular old creeper patrons.

Lastly, and most disturbing of all, the public porn consumer. Hmmm…. How do I start? Ok. I know. I am not a prude. By a long shot.  I watch porn. I have been a porn watch since the average person on the screen would have some amount of pubic hair and you could not simply turn on your computer, tablet or fucking phone and call up some filth at will. No, I am the last generation of people that had to, HAD TO, face the shame of going into a video store and tell the nice person behind the counter that “yes I am a little disgusting. “If you bought your porn at the local video store, you could buy 400 other movies and bury your copy of assmasters #7, girls just wanna be stretched (I just know it’s out there) in the pile.  Or you could go to the adult book store, and hope you don’t meet anyone you know outside when you are coming back out with toe sucking for dummies or whatever you bought. But now there is porn everywhere. It is so easy to get porn now I have moment of panic whenever I Google search anything for fear of finding out about some new horrible porn. But this is still something that you should do alone. Or at the very least in private. If you are the type of man’s man that wants to watch porn with some of your buddies, I find it weird ,I will admit , that you want to be in a room full of erections but to each his own . But I do not want to. This is why the public porn consumer at the library always shocks me. Really dude? Really? You don’t see anything wrong with sitting across from another man, a stranger that is researching the effects of global warming or the cost of corn in Cambodia or cats that can sing or whatever and watch porn. Or even just open leg shots. I have seen people, men actually as I have never seen a woman do this, watch for hours. For hours! How can you watch sex for hours in a room full of strangers? HOW? I just have no idea. I can’t even watch to the end of a single scene once I am done with the porn. Once the sexual mania is off, and the orgasm is over I have no interest in the rest of the story! How oh lord how can you just stare blankly at the stream of naked people.  I’m sorry but I really don’t understand. Especially and most importantly in a public place. With people passing you and seeing that you are a dirty dirty human.

Post-holiday sidebar – Zealotry

I have recently been very disturbed at the idea and the prevalence of zealots in almost every belief system. Not what I would call true believeputsutse people that are blind believers and lambaste anyone that has a differing opinion.
This comes in the standard form of religious zealotry, political zealotry and what I’ll call social zealotry. From your standard bible thumper tThumper’t have a conversation about anything without mentioning Jesus to the political drone that decides anything from their political party is OK and everything from the other political party it is inherently wrong. These dangerous characters have been growing in number and volume. I remember listening to a woman that I truly suspect was lying and was less impartial as a journalist then she thanld have been who stated that when she was in the Middle East one of the women she spoke with talked of American peoples fear and sadness over losing children to war as if it was something unusual. She said thistoldrnalist that the woman spoke of being proud to lose a child to the cause he believed in, and th, if they lose a child they simply replace it. I upon later reflection really don’t believe that that is what the lady said first of all, and second of all I don’t know how we can stand up and say to the world that what they do is wrong and what we do is right. This woman spoke of losing a child who is a soldier to God ofd country and the reporter acted as if that was not exactly the way that Americans behave. So I’m left wondering if this reporter had an issue with this woman’s phraseology or just the fact that she didn’t agree with the God and country that she was willing to sacrifice her sons to?
Thtooe is also as I also, asa social zealotry that is growing in number. And often unfooften, unfortunately people who core beliefs, I agree with but for beliefs I don’t fully support. There is a woman’cannotthat I will not mention that takes the feminist this line to the point of near deification. They tout all things female and vilify all things male. But in that same vein, I have seen them roundly and blvein, Idemonize female sexuality if it is not shown and done in exactly the way that they decide it should be. This self same woman’s blog recently took the season opener of the HBO show girls to task over a sex scene that they decided was and I’m quoting dumb. The sex scene in question involved a 8 second exchange between two of the characters

involving analogous. I found the entire need to make an oddball wave a fury over this sex scene, both immature and not particularly feminist. The sex scene was just that a sex scene. The writer of the articles insistence that it was not sexy and that no woman would enjoy that was both self righteous and wrong. But in most cases when dealing with the other tree the belief that one can make a sweeping judgement for the entirety of humanity is par for the course. It has been my experience that trying to decide what anyone else would find sexy is an exercise in futility and should be avoided at all costs. In the last 20 years we have had news items about people that were into fur, a woman that was in love with the Eiffel Tower, a man that was sex to death by a horse and no less than two people that involved their own murder in an act of sex one of which also was eaten after the death sex.  Now in a world where so many things outside of the ordinary and in these cases somewhat far outside of the ordinary, exist to decide that being motorboated from behind is repugnant to all is at best ridiculous.

zealotry in all forms, though only allows for absolute on one side of the coin. It is impossible to discuss with a zealot the possibility that people of all types and walks of life, of all genders and races and religions are equally capable of being good or being evil. So what to do when faced with zealotry in all its forms. Well, in this particular case I have to borrow from Tina Fey, who says that when faced with racism or sexism or even really aggressive Buddhism just try to go over under or through said person. Because the last thing that you need to do when dealing with fervor to the point of madness  is to attempt reasonable discourse with this person. Simply put, just try not to become a zealot yourself. Loving something believing in it and doing your best to live by those ideals is great. Hopefully that thing that you love and believe is something with merit, but keep in mind that’s yours is not the only way. That there are fantastic and wonderful atheists in this world that you mean no harm and are good people. Remember that there are good fathers, good men and innocent boys that have nothing but respect for women. Remember that the principal tenants of the Muslim faith are those of peace and love just as they are in the Christian faith. We do have the ability as human beings to live with one another and coexist.

Plotting the Future

There is a school of thought that states that writing from a plot is somehow less. Some writers, Stephen King among them, feel that writing an outline or starting from a plot somehow diminishes the writing itself. And that may be true, for some people. I have always considered myself a pincer one of these people that sits down in front of the paper, the computer, the word processor, or the typewriter (I may not be young), and makes magic. The problem with all this amazing magic making often times it Peters into nothing. There are times when the story is going very well in the world is allowing me to write and then the world steps back in I am taking away from my writing and the next time I come back, I feel as if I have no idea what I was going for no idea where I was heading and basically like I’ve wasted 12 hours of my life writing nothing.
While I do believe and love the pure act of writing, sitting down and just allowing my mind to create whatever comes to mind that is not always a viable option for a novelist. If you are trying to create a whole world, for instance, it is often difficult to keep those things moving if you come to the page naked every day. I have adopted a new way of writing and honestly, this is working for me, but again writing is very personal. While I do love the Stephen King nonfiction book on writing, there are several places where Mr King and I disagree. Or just have a parting of the ways I should say. King clearly is a pantser, someone that believes in writing down everything in their mind and cleaning it up later. I love that. I love when I can do that. And so far as the writing gitself goes,I mostly do that. In other words I don’t plot sentences, but sequences and scenarios for me require a little bit of plotting. If I want to finish a book a story A work of any kind to endpoint.
For those of us who do believe in or need to plot there are some wonderful books and software that I would like to mention today. Your first draft in 30 days. I recently required this book during the latest NaNoWriMo and found it wonderful. Scribner, this writing software is a staple of the screenwriters, novelist, and writers of all types.
AAlso, Iwould like to mention something for those plotters that need a little pantsing. I also use write or die. For those that don’t know write or Die is a software package that helps to encourage speed and also if you’re like me and sometimes find it difficult not to revise your words while wwriting, whichoften also knocks you off of your muse, this is a great little mind saver.

Books on writing

There are books that I have been reading lately,  these are not about pleasure reading but the reading for the craft.  Oh… Did I say that,  yes,  I said the craft. 
I know that many people hate that,  see it as pompous or self indulgent.  It is a craft,  like anything else that you make,  and like anything that you make with your hands or your head,  or can also be art but first it is craft. 
I have just completed my first novel,  it is Sci fi and I am very excited about it.  Not because I think it’s amazing,  I don’t know if I do yet,  but because I managed to actually finish it.  The books that helped me with completing it are:
1. On Writing by Stephen King
This book is about the basics of writing,  the words,  the reasons and it’s also entertainment. 
2. Rock your writing series by Cathy Yardley.
A great nuts and bolts series to help with plotting and revisions. 
3.  1500 per hour by N. P. Martin.
Another good book for what ever junk is stopping your words. 
These books helped me to stop dickering and just do the damn thing.  I am grateful for the push and the kick in the pants. 

New Year’s Resolutions

Today is New Year’s Eve. In the spirit of New Year’s Eve I decided to first go over the past year in brief. Like most years, this year has been a roller coaster of extreme highs and crushing lows with the majority of it is somewhere comfortably in the middle. I have enjoyed extreme success, I have completed my first book, and I have ended the year in good health. I have also enjoyed extreme failure, I’ve lost my job, I’ve had to move, I have extricated friends or ex friends from my life, and I have made very poor decisions. And at the end of this year I look back with thanks.
During the year I spend some time on the internet surprise, surprise, and in that perusal of the Internet I learned that one of the most hated celebrities was Gwyneth Paltrow. I’ve never been A specifically negative person and so this was a surprise to me. So I sought to find out why exactly Gwenny had lost all of her mojo? I came across blogs, YouTube videos and comments basically expressing the issues and it all comes down to the following, Gwyneth Paltrow has no idea! She has decided to tell herself as a lifestyle guru, and people have taken offense to that. Not because she doesn’t have a life that many envy, but because she does and doesn’t seem to realize that a good portion of that is due to sheer dumb luck. She says things like if you want to live like me, you have to do these things. But she doesn’t seem to understand that one of the main things that she did was be born into a rich family, is being second-generation Hollywood, and those things gave her a massive leg up. I’m not saying, but she couldn’t have been a trailer park girl and clawed her way up to the top, I’m saying that she didn’t. Now there is nothing wrong with being born lucky, but till then look at the rest of us to go ” what are you doing not to live like me “, are elitist at best and ignorant at worst.
So, why have I tripped off into a conversation or rant about Gwyneth Paltrow on New Years Eve. Well, because I want us to all strive to be the best that we can be. I want us to look to 2015 as a continuation of awesomeness. I want everyone of us to see the future as the best of all possibilities. But keep in mind that people fail, and people are human, and that you should be grateful, truly grateful and aware of all your blessings, of the fact that you have legs that work if you do, of the fact that you have a brain that works if you do, and of the fact that you have been given things that others may not have been given. I resolve to take 2015 and make it amazing, resolve to take 2015 as an opportunity once again to make my dreams come true! I also resolve in 2015 to do my level best not to judge, hurt, or humiliate anyone. I would like to extend my Happy New Year’s  wishes to everyone and send out my truest wish everyone make awesomeness your google. Happy 2015!


There is no  denying that Amazon is a Giants and A major balloon to readers and writers alike. There has been question regarding whether Amazon exclusivity and this is for some of the books, especially self published books, is a positive or a negative for the riders themselves. Now with the advent of a new service that allows members to download and read unlimited books during their membership there is further questions. The service, Kindle unlimited, is marketed of course towards the Kindle and other eReader users.
As with most things Amazon there is an up and down side to the service. The opportunity to show up in Kindle unlimited search as a new author promises opportunity for new readers. How exactly that works so far as royalties and book fees go I am Not sure, at this time I have not delve into that part of the process. But if you are one who does art for art’s sake it might be worth it to you simply because you would open up your readership. Now, downside Amazon does excess to have book exclusivity for your book. Meaning you will need to only go through the Amazon website for your eBook sales. So my question is; are we intelligent a further monopoly on a conglomerate giant? Sometimes it feels like the world is trying to turn itself into for corporation why we know it everyone will work for either Walmart, Google, Amazon,Apple or Facebook. That is the 4th one merge into one giant super corporation and take over the world. Continue reading

Creating the world

When writing fantasy is it better to create a world completely out of your imagination or to alter the world that we have. That is the question, I think, that is paramount when writing fantasy. There are great stories that do both. There are those stories that never completely Express one way or another if we’re looking at a different planet or I own distopian future, books like The Hunger Games or Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman with the long walk. Both stories talking about places that could be part of our world but slightly skewed. In the long walk its pretty evident that we are looking at the East Coast of the United States. But there are certain things that add question , such as when it would be or under what circumstances.
Then of course there are stories where we are clearly looking at worlds that do not resemble our own in the slightest. Robert Heinlein,and JRR Tolkien just to name two very successful fantasy writers they created their own world. Looking at that my question is which is better. They each have their merits for instance using our own world means that you can simply alter things as you need them to be without having 2 keep things in mind as you design geography. For instance you don’t have to worry about talking about in area in book 1 and expressing that it is near the ocean only to forget and talk about it being near the desert in book 3. You know where Las Vegas is, and the only way Las Vegas is going to be near an ocean is if California falls into the sea. On the other hand, there is a certain amount of joy in creation with making an entire planet in your head. Think of it on a smaller scale with Dr Seuss, the Seuss world is full of unlikely animals and geography, things like the evidently humanoid though clearly not human who race. Things like truffula trees and Brown Bearaloots. The Seuss world is full of fantastical beauty and unlikely dangers. These are all brought from the mind of Theodore Geisel and in most cases share very little with the world at large and my belief is that it is part because of this that his stories and his creations have last. So I suppose what I’m saying in a maddeningly vague way that answers nothing, each writer must decide for her or himself what make their story the right story. Continue reading

Plotting along

15000 words and my daily goals with the camp have me at a spot where I’ve never been before.  I have a beginning,  and an ending but I don’t have a middle!  So, I am working on plotting the story. I have always been a pantser,  but that’s gotten me into the glorious place of being a frustrated writer,  so I’m reading the “rock your writing”  series by romance writer Cathy Yardley. 
I have been also using  scrivener, which is a very useful tool.