This year I fulfilled a long-standing threat between Michigan and myself. For the past 3 years I have said that if things didn’t get better I would move.  Finally in June 2012 ,I did.  I moved to Houston,Texas one of the largest cities in America. The forth in fact . image My whole life will change,has already begun to change. I am here alone and it’s up to me and through me that ,for good or for ill my life will change. Update : I decided to leave that as it is  except with correcting the typos ( really , no one told me I said my WHILE life will change!) and to this I also add some things. I started this blog upon moving to texas and it had no idea what it wanted to be. I have decided , recently actually , that this is my writing space. you will see esseys , literary aspirations , links to things that I love in the bookie or bookish realm. I will be moving my weight related blog posts to my fitness blog . As for now , I would like to sit back and think of how much I have indeed changed over this year I have lost 100 lbs I have found my day job I have friends in abundance ( ok for me 4 is abundant) I am happier My life is weird … just … weird. image

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