The Walk of Shame

It is not easy to write a sexual scene that isn’t a little cheesy.  In truth, it’s what will always keep porn out of the true art-form class no matter what , seriously how many different ways can you put two things together before you are hitting redundancy?

This time has come round again for the bad sex award put out by the literary review.  In the article by   for MobyLives we see some of the sadly comic samples from the past. I guess we can take the idea away that 1. it’s an award and 2. It’s happened to some of the best of them.

Love Begins in Winter by Simon Van Booy (Beautiful Books)

My mouth lingered on hers; I tasted her. I felt for her tongue with mine. I felt the blood surging through my body. We pressed against one another.
Impossibly close.
She gripped my arms. Her nails tore into me. Soon we both were burning. Sweat pooled in the ridge of my back as I moved like a tide determined to crash against those ancient rocks.
Then – a moment before – inside, I kept very still. Our bodies moved of their own accord. Hannah’s body was swallowing, digesting all that was mine to give. For those final moments, we existed seamlessly – all memory negated by a desire that both belonged to us and controlled us.
After, we kept very still, like the only two roots of the forest.

It’s that time of year again for sweating profusely and sniggering: the Bad Sex Award is back | MobyLives.