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Diary of a Hitman

Diary of a Hitman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michael Valentine: Diary of a Hitman charts the transition of the eponymous Michael Valentine from naïve Christian boy to a vicious contract killer hired by the largest crime families in the Metropolitan area and on the East Coast and, finally, a man consumed by an obsession with sex, blood and money.

After the death of his father, Michael’s life is irrevocably changed. He is forced to become the man of the house and when he accepts the offer to become a contract killer, he becomes enmeshed in a relentless cat and mouse game of power, a game where the rules are constantly changed and where the players are forced to gamble no matter what the personal cost.

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Somebody that I used to know

English: The Trooper Inn Froxfield. Parts of t...

English: The Trooper Inn Froxfield. Parts of the pub date back to the early 17thC. It is thought that the pub was once used for recruiting soldiers, which might explain the name. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Do you know me ? I would love to talk to you then , because I am beginning to believe that I do not know me as well as I always thought that I did . This is a new me , that is new to me. My life and wants and desires are in flux. There are things that are so different than they were before. Then they could ever be.  I am am author but I am also a recruiter. I love recruiting. Recruiting is the first thing , other than writing that  I would do if I won the lottery and didn’t need it for money , strictly.  I never thought that I would find anything else that I loved like this.




Family Snapshot

English: Looking northwest at Collyer brothers...

English: Looking northwest at Collyer brothers Park on a cloudy late afternoon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She had gone to the park out of curiosity.  Here in her city, was something of legend, a mental and emotional thing that captivated people across the lines of time and here also was a place that sat in monument to that. The events were not great, they were in fact quite monstrous, but the powers that be felt that they should catalog and memorialize this thing. So she went to the little pocket park out of curiosity. Or that is what she told herself at the time.

It was collier’s park. It was the site of the infamous and famous Collyer brothers and the first massive and publicized case of extreme hoarding. The phenomena now seems to be part of everyday life for some people, spawning TV shows and jokes but then , at the first part of last century it was an oddity. People barely had enough, less on more than enough to the point of extreme excess. But here in her city was a monument to the most extreme.

She sat in the pocket park, thinking of what could have made these two men, college educated yet shiftless and unemployed, stay in this home, amassing tons of garbage and although having the money to do so, not ever paying for the simplest of “luxuries” like electricity or food. She sat there until she was roused from her reverie by a cat. He was scarred in some long ago cat battle for food to territory, having a squashed pan flat face and dirty bedraggled tail the creature was not of the cuddly kitty variety. Something about the knowing way that it looked at her gave her the creeps and she suddenly realized that she was, in fact, on the site of not just one bad death but two.  Suddenly she was in the need of hasty retreat, and a bath.

That first night she dreamed of the cat. She dreamed of it looking at her, marking her and watching. Following her all over the city, this largest of all cities, her and one cat in a battle of wills. She awoke feeling sick and scared.

“Where were you, yesterday” Emilie asked when she came to work the next day

“Collyer’s park”

After an odd little beat of time that rendered the throw away tone useless she asked “Oh, why did you go there?”

“Curious I guess”

Curiosity killed the cat, you know”

“But satisfaction brought him back,” She replied

“Yeah, pretty sure that part is bullshit” Emilie said matter of factly.

“So I guess you do not like Collyer’s?” She asked

“No, I don’t” Emilie said, though not unkindly

Still she was taken aback by the bluntness of the statement towards such an innocuous subject. “Why?

“There was something wrong with those men, something very wrong and eccentricity does not cover it. They were wealthy enough to pay off a mortgage with one check, but they lived without heat and electricity. That is not normal in any sense, and understand that this was in New York City, this wasn’t some brushy little back water where they weren’t exposed to things. These were college educated New Yorkers and they … it is just creepy. Something is just very very off on this.”

“They were just hoarders,” She protested

“That’s another thing, “Just Hoarders” is not a normal sentence either but you see, there was something very wrong with those men and I don’t know, it seems to be catching. Hell it seems to be catching fire these days. “Emilie went silent, “How much do you know about the story?”.


Do The Hustle…

Amy Adams at the 83rd Academy Awards

Amy Adams at the 83rd Academy Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is life, good, bad and ugly in a polyester shell.  The very first scene of this movie is perfectly fitting to the rest of the film. We watch the usually gorgeous Christian Bale as a fat, balding middle-aged hustler trying desperately to fix the comb-over that he wears, even adding hair to the conglomeration of hair art to make the bald spot less noticeable.  In the end he comes out with an approximation of something that looks , not good , but not what it actually is which is , in a word, pathetic.

There is all the archetypes here, the Vamp played by Amy Adams, sexy and sweet but all hard edges too ( side bar Amy is  almost 40 and WOW her body is amazing! not the Kabam of some starlets but just overall tight and toned, I’m almost 40 and I love seeing chicks my age that look great!) and a little too street smart to be the product of anything but hard learning.  The con man is played by Christin Bale, likable and smarmy at the same time. The kind of guy you might buy a car from but when it goes south in three months you just think , ” I knew it!”. The mess. Ahhh… the mess. Jennifer Lawrence is in this role, and she is her usual all in self. The part required that she be just … awful  for lack of a better word. She is whiny , passive aggressive , she is manipulative in every way . I think that when they thought of this character the writer said ” what are all the worse traits about women? OK, now lets put them in one charterer” . She gives over to it, does all the things that someone like this person would do, and I would have slapped her a few times if I was in this movie. Would have had to.

There is no clear-cut good guy in this. Jeremy Renner plays a politician that is a good guy. He is not the good guy but he is good, yes. Bradley Cooper, almost in a return to the type of character that he played in his earlier career ( Wedding Crashers comes to mind) that is outwardly correct , as an FBI agent and inwardly dark and twisted with over reaching ambition.

In the end of this movie you feel like, I would have felt like if I had paid my usual  10 bucks  for a movie , that you got a good story. That is what the bottom line of a film should be. They start the movie off with old-fashioned looking studio insignia , like the movie was not only about the seventies but retrieved from that time. And in that same vein, the film does not rely on the things that many films do lately , special effects, a lot of noise and rocketing around in the name of action. If this film would have a movie opposite it would be ” The Fast and The Furious”. There is no flash to this movie. The people in this movie , usually beautiful are less so ( yes Amy and Jennifer look pretty but they also look human) and the casting is excellent. Christin is  paunchy and bald, Bradley is in curlers, and Even the excellent cameo by a permanent A Lister has him looking 100 .  But it all works because the movie is not about pretty , glossy people. It is about grit. If I was giving this movie a rating , which I guess I am , it would be 8 of 10.  I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes a story. If you are like me, 80 % movie nerd also , I just like to point out the following ; Batman, Katniss, Nighthawk and Lois Lane . That is just kinda cool!

American Hustle (2013)

129 min – Crime | Drama – 18 December 2013 (USA)

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Bradley Cooper at the "Whatever Works&quo...

Bradley Cooper at the “Whatever Works” Premiere, Tribeca Film Festival 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


#TBT: These People Recreated Their Childhood Photos And The Results Are Epic | Elite Daily

#TBT: These People Recreated Their Childhood Photos And The Results Are Epic | Elite Daily.



Stephen King, American author best known for h...

Stephen King, American author best known for his enormously popular horror novels. King was the 2003 recipient of The National Book Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. Taken at the 2007 New York Comicon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What makes me more , what makes me try everyday to do something that is hard, something that is unexpected and to some , absolutely odd. I want to be an author more than almost anything. I don’t want much, just to be god , at least to the people whose world I create in my head and then give to you, to the world. Why would anyone want to do this?  Money? sure . I mean some of the wealthiest working artists are writers. Tom Clancy, Stephen King and James Patterson are all Millionaires many times over , J.K. Rowling  is a Billionaire and the wealthiest private citizen in Britain. But then again . Melville died a largely uncelebrated, Authors have a higher than average amount of drug , alcohol and self abuse , many of your favorite books are written by people that committed suicide. So why?


I don’t think  I have any choice in the matter. At times , as I have said here, there have been times when I felt disconnected to the world and only writing made me feel connected. The times when I live in my head, the times when I argue with, make love to , shoot and kill , and run and die alone , because they are all me , all the charecters , are the things that make me feel. That is … all.


The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling (2h)

The first non Harry Potter JK Rowling (Photo credit: Gwydion M. Williams)






houston (Photo credit: araza123)

Its a fundamental truths here in Houston that pedestrians and get no respect. Houston seems to regard the very act of walking as an  affront  to their way of life here. When you are like myself, carless, you have to be wary of the others, careless. Today I was nearly ran over not one not twice but three times. None of the people that v nearly ran me over even try to slow down.
They seem to regard to the fact that I was in the road as proof that I was lacking in normal human rights. Like the countless animals that I pass then have been folded spindled and mutilated by oncoming traffic, I too was at the mercy the Houston driver. The level of disrespect that Houston pedestrian receive can be summed up this way, when I got the crosswalk the driver of the black Ford F 150 screamed on the window at me to get out of the road. I, and all walkers, have the right of way. And just for the record, even if I was in the wrong, which I wasn’t, you don’t have the right to kill me because I’m in your way.

Everyday I’m hustling…

Flickr friends

Flickr friends (Photo credit: Meer)


I’m carving a very strange little life for myself. I am living extremely nomadic. I have no roots at the moment and the lack there of is getting to me. I have more Friends then I have had in two decades but have less care in my life then in those two decades. I guess the thing that upsets me is that I am used to being slightly princess… Cared for… I don’t feel cared for.



Stronger (Kelly Clarkson album)

Stronger (Kelly Clarkson album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What doesn’t kill me might make me kill someone else!




This is how you remind me

GM World Headquarters ? Dressed for Baseball?s...

GM World Headquarters ? Dressed for Baseball?s 2005 All-Star Game Detroit, Michigan. Summer 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I drowning in nostalgia.  Everything in this area so familiar , so known. I’ll look around in a lot of the streets, and I see things .
All of these things , great things like the tire on interstate 94, the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit, and small things like Coney Island, natural casting hot dogs, White Castle, are things that I miss when I’m in Texas.
These are the things , just is known, that I do not miss when I’m away.  the utter ruin of Detroit buildings, homes burned out, bombed out , and whole neighborhoods completely destroyed. I drove through some  of my own former neighborhoods. Sadness fills me whenever I am in the area. Beautiful architecture, left in ruins. I hate to witness what Detroit is becoming.  I hate to see what Detroit has become.




There is a sucker born every minute..

P.T. Barnum famously said there’s a sucker born every minute.I think that is a little bit cynical I think the truth is there’s an optimist   born every minute. I think that most of us are essentially optimistic. I think largely the problem is that optimist are often viewed as wide eyed idiots. 
Now in the case of P. T. Barnum there was no bad thoughts in it. Mostly he was saying that people want to be fooled , at least a little. they want to believe that there is a woman who survived the train , we want to believe all of the humbug as PT Barnum put it.
I like to believe that I am smarter than the average bear, with PT Barnum twist. Reasonable intelligent, and wise… I would like to believe that I would have spent the nickel to see general Tom Thumb, or the mummified remains of an actual King… Even if that made me a little bit of a fool. I would like to believe… I think I just like to believe.